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---Part II: What a tangled web we weave.

In part one, I spent a few paragraphs ranting about… well, ranting anyhow. Not sure what it was all about. But those that know me know that I tend to run all over the place. If I wrote pieces like this instead of technical documents, I guess I would need a few pointers and reminders of proper article structure. Eh, who cares? You all know the game. And it is a game. Just like the spider that plays with her web. Bouncing it up and down, teasing the fly that has sadly been the poor recipient of the spider’s translucent agenda….err web. DINNER!

Lets take a look at the specifics of the case. Actually, lets look at the case as reported and, in essence tried, by the media.

First off, to better understand the situation, we must take a look at the supposed timeline of events as reported… by the MSM of course. This timeline is supposedly based upon images that our illustrious DA has gathered.

Also note that I took the time to correct a few inaccuracies. For example, where it said “the victim” I put the false accuser’s name, Crystal Gail Magnum and where applicable, the other liar, Kim Roberts. Other corrections are noted by TMOTS in parentheses.

12:00:12 to 12:02:16 – Crystal Gail Magnum and Kim Roberts were partially naked, dancing in the living room surrounded on the 3 sides by dozens (TMOTS: Just how many men are on this effin team? Oh, that’s right 1000) of men sitting on couches and chairs. Crystal Gail Magnum was missing a shoe already. One guy in the last picture of this 2-minute set was giving the thumbs down.

Midnight: Kim Roberts is sprawled on her stomach on the floor, as Crystal Gail Magnum stands over her. Students are watching the show but not grabbing or attempting to touch the women (TMOTS: You me whores don’t you?). Bruises are clearly visible on the legs and thighs of Crystal Gail Magnum.

12:01:16: Kim Roberts is lying on her back on the floor with the Crystal Gail Magnum kneeling over her.

12:03ish - the women stop dancing possibly because of the alleged broomstick comment (TMOTS: Ah yes, the magical broomstick comment that never was).

12:03:57 - the women leaving, and going towards the back of the house. The guys say that's when the girls locked themselves in the bathroom. Crystal Gail Magnum was supposedly in there fixing her nails, and Kim Roberts was getting dressed preparing to leave. The guys were on the outside the door telling them to leave.

12:03:57: The strippers are leaving the room after performing for four minutes. The photo clearly shows that Crystal Gail Magnum left one of her shoes behind as she departed.

27 minutes go by while both girls are in the bathroom.

12:10:39: One of the Duke students apparently is passed out on the floor, his head leaning against a sofa, a crushed beer can at his side.

12:30:12 to 12:30:47 - Crystal Gail Magnum is standing on the steps wearing a red and black lace top bodysuit and one white high heel shoe. She's smiling and holding a cell phone.

12:30:12: Crystal Gail Magnum is on the back porch. She has a shoe only on her left foot, as she appears to smile and apparently tries to get back inside.

12:31:26: Crystal Gail Magnum appears to be stumbling down the back steps of the house.

12:37:58 - 12:38:18 - Crystal Gail Magnum lying on stairs, cuts, and abrasions visible. Happened when she fell. Fresh nail polish was on the handrail. It wasn't on the other handrail pick before she went out there. All of her clothing is intact

12:37:58: A series of photos beginning at this time shows Crystal Gail Magnum lying on her left side on the back porch, seemingly passed out or asleep. Pink splotches are on a wrought-iron railing beside her.

12:41: Crystal Gail Magnum is being helped into the car.

12:41:32 - leg of Crystal Gail Magnum hanging out of door. A man carried her out to Kim Roberts’s car.

Now, these are supposedly the initial images, read evidence, gathered from all interested parties. You know, the 1.7 million Lacrosse Players that were at the party. Truth be told, they appear to prove nothing with the exception that someone (mumble Crystal Gail Magnum mumble) is ah-fibbin’.

Now we get to the juicy stuff.

So finally, Crystal Gail Magnum finally gets it down to three players. I have to give her a break here, cause all us white folk all look the same ‘en all. TO top it all off, not even a real lineup. Pictures. FUCKING IDENTIFIED by pictures. Yes Alice, there is a wonderland, and it is Durham NC.

Well, these three young men, figuring that they are innocent, and that law and order will prevail, turn themselves in; silly stupid kids. Not for turning themselves in, but for actually believing that the legal system is going to give them an even shake, let alone the media. A Media that has already identified plastered their pictures, family information, shoe sizes, and status of circumcision for the world to see. Oh, did I forget to mention that they were also tried and convicted in the media.

Meanwhile, our pal Nifong, Mr. DA in sheep’s clothing continues to crucify these men in the media. Giving the media no less than 70 interviews, “press releases”, and “official statements”. This, of course, is all in the name of justice, nothing more.

Or is it. IT would appear the Mr. Nifong is running for re-election. Not being too impressive to the regular folks there, approximately 44% proportionately black, in his little wonderland. IT would also appear that loosing a case like this, you know the one. Where rich privileged white boys abuse the poor widow black woman just trying to make an honest living; yea, that one. Coming to Lifetime Television in the fall of 2007.

So being a good politician, he does what is atypical of any good sack of shi.. err DA would do. He has press conference upon press conference, flooding the media with nice little tasty morsels about these heinous rich white boys. No need to back anything up. He’s the DA! He is “the law”! He can take it all back later. He can just make another statement claiming that it was what the evidence told him at the time. Gill Grissom he aint, that’s for sure.

During one of these so called “keep the public informed” statements he tells us how his crack team of forensic specialists have obtained DNA from the scene and have garnered DNA sample from all of the Duke Lacrosse Team. Well except the one black guy that is. ‘cause our little dahlin’ claimed that it was three white boys. No no no. The rich ones! Yea, them three mista DA man!

Oh darn! My memory has once again failed me. Sorry folks. This Old Man On The Street keeps forgetting about pertinent parts of the story. The DNA came back, none of the players identified. Including the three she identified via pictures. A second batch is sent to a different lab, and wonders of wonders, they are “inconclusive”. In other words assmunch, it once again didn’t support your bullshit kangaroo station or the lying hooker’s story. But I digress. We will be back to our story after a few words from our sponsor.

Commercial Break:

A mother and daughter are walking hand in hand on a lovely beach in the south pacific.

The young woman states, “Mom, ever have one of those days where you just don’t feel fresh?”

To which mom replies, “What do you mean sweetheart?”

“You know, down there.”

“Ohhhhhh”, the mother proclaims. “You mean you smell like a tuna fisherman who hasn’t showered in months!”

Wait a minute! That is not how the commercial goes! Aw, to hell with it. Back to our story.

It’s no wonder this country believes that it happened. Why would a man put his career on the line with no evidence? No proof? He wouldn’t. Just as no woman would ever make up a story of rape either. Did I mention that I have this really nice plot of land overlooking the San Francisco bay area? It’s for sale! The only problem is a stupid bridge that is on it. Kinda an eyesore. Maybe you can have it removed after you purchase the land from me.

Uhm, extraordinary efforts? Arrests? What fucking efforts? He filed charges, informed them, they came in, posted bail and left. WHEW! Must have been a hard day at the office there buddy! You should take a break. Oh wait, there is an election going on, isn’t there. Silly me, I forgot.

Meanwhile, the public in wonderland Durham are frothing at the mouth at the prospects of lynch… er prosecuting three evildoers! All thanks to the due diligence of our wonderland DA, Mr. Nifong. Lets re-elect him; and they do.

It is any wonder why no one ever reads the newspapers anymore, with lovely tidbits like this:

Their arrest is the culmination of extraordinary efforts by Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong. Even before DNA evidence had been analyzed, Nifong launched a weeklong media blitzkrieg. By his estimate, he gave "some 70 interviews" with the common theme that he believed the 'victim.'

OK, OK. I confess. That is not from the NY Times. It is actually from our favorite feminist Wendy McElroy, but it was an ‘extraordinary’ quote right?

All right, here is a better one From WRL in Durham.

Part of the photo line-up process, experts say, includes fillers -- pictures of people unrelated to the case who look like the suspect.

"They, the police, only showed the woman just pictures of the lacrosse players," said defense attorney Joe Cheshire. "It's so constitutionally suspect it's extraordinary."

Durham police would not comment on the line-up because it is part of the ongoing investigation, but legal experts with the North Carolina Commission on Actual Innocence say if line-ups are biased, a judge will likely throw them out in court.

"The Supreme Court has said if a lineup is unduly suggestive it must be excluded from evidence," said Chris Mumma, executive director of the commission, which sets state standards for line-ups.

"If someone said, 'The person who attacked me was on a football team,' and they only showed me pictures of people on the football team, I'm likely to pick someone on the football team," he said.

Gee, ya think? Ya think that it was slightly.. Oh, I donno, lopsided? Ya think? Do you think that maybe, just maybe this whole ruse is nothing more than an opportunity? Not just for Nifong’s re-election, but Crystal Gail Magnum and Kim Roberts as well?

Sure, folks will say: “But Mr. Man On The Street (people always address me that way), what would Crystal Gail Magnum or even Kim Roberts expect to gain from all this?”

Well you see. First off, if you have to ask that question, then you are a fucking idiot. And secondly, to answer your idiotic question, M>O>N>E>Y! These boys are rich! Well, their families are, but what the hell! Money is money! She is already a whore, so how far must she step from there to a liar? Exactly!

“But.. but Mr. Man On The Street, why would she put herself through all of this? A woman would never lie about being raped!”

Yep, and Andrea Dorkin (TMOTS trademarked spelling) was a runway model too. But hey, empowerment comes in all shapes and forms, doesn’t it mon asshat.

Next up, Part III: The Facts come out, just not from Nifong.


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