Wednesday, March 08, 2006

---Making a stand against mysandry is not just men's work...

Olympian Thompson rejects UNH award
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS & The Union Leader - Manchester, NH
Tuesday, Mar. 7, 2006

DURHAM (NH) – Swimmer Jenny Thompson, America’s most decorated Olympian, is rejecting a high honor from the University of New Hampshire to protest the school’s decision to cut its men’s swimming team and other sports.

Thompson is turning down the annual Charles Holmes Pette Medal, the highest honor given by UNH’s Alumni Association.

“How can the university honor me for accomplishments in an endeavor which they clearly do not respect,” said Thompson, who grew up in Dover.

The university also is eliminating men’s and women’s tennis and women’s crew as it tries to erase a $1 million shortfall.

Thompson said she could not have achieved her dreams if she had not had the opportunity provided by swimming teams.

“Having the men’s swimming team and other Olympic sports, such as crew and skiing, cut means less opportunity for people to achieve their dreams, not just for the current student-athletes but for future generations,” she said.

Thompson, a graduate of Stanford University, is studying at Columbia’s School of Medicine.
A group of UNH alumni, parents and students planned to give a copy of Thompson’s statement to Gov. John Lynch and House Speaker Douglas Scamman at the Statehouse on Tuesday.
The also planned a rally to protest the sports cuts.


Good for you Miss Thompson. The statement you have made will help women AS WELL AS MEN in the long run. Sports are just as vital to education as the three r's. Sports teaches teamwork, dicipline, respect, and of course sportsmanship... Or in your case sportsWOMANship! Bravo Jenny!


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