Wednesday, April 19, 2006

---Crystal Gail Magnum, there I said it!

What’s in a name? Allot apparently.

As long as there is great copy in it. And if you can plaster a shitload of pictures with it, well then that’s all the better.

Crystal Gail Magnum & Kim Roberts

It started with a whole team, 46 players. Or was it 54. 31? Eh, who cares anyhow? Then it went to three specific men, and then it went to two completely DIFFERENT men. Maybe a third, we’ll decide who that is later fuck you very much. Plastered all over the MSM. Their names, addresses, shoe size, and circumcised status are news! Good news. DNA? What's that stand for, Do Not Acquit?

Crystal Gail Magnum & Kim Roberts

Protect the victim, ALWAYS, and crucify the accused. That is how system works.

Crystal Gail Magnum & Kim Roberts

Well, that is not entirely true. Actually, when the crime is rape, and the victim is a woman (‘cause men are never raped donchaknow!) and the accused is a rich white boy. THEN, and only then is that how the system works.

Crystal Gail Magnum & Kim Roberts

So we have the MSN (Main Stream Media), every feminist in every corner of the world, the women firsters, and every single men=bad, women=good blog touting the feminist line. CASTRATE THE PRIVILEDGED WHITE BOY RAPISTS! Guilt is a given. Proof is irrelevant. Why in good goddess’ name would a women lie about such an atrocity? Women don’t lie dammit! Especially about something so traumatic as rape!

Crystal Gail Magnum & Kim Roberts

MSM is protected by the 1st amendment. The accused are supposed to be protected by the 6th. Well, part of the 6th anyhow. The trial by jury and such trivialities part that is. But what happened to the right to face ones accuser? Isn’t that part of the 6th?

Crystal Gail Magnum & Kim Roberts

To whit;

The Sixth Amendment, vital to prevent a justice system from railroading relatively powerless defendants, supposedly guarantees any accused the right to a speedy and public trial, and is assisted by counsel. It also is supposed to guarantee that they shall know the nature of the charges against them and be allowed to subpoena witnesses in their defense. Furthermore, it also says the accused "shall enjoy the right ... to be confronted with the witnesses against him." In other words, face your accuser. (Note: in this case we will just leave the pronoun intact, no need for gender neutrality)

Crystal Gail Magnum & Kim Roberts

What does that mean, in this day and age? Nothing. Zip. Nadda. Well, if you’re a privileged white male anyhow. Having a well-to-do family is synonymous with the patriarch ™ and the KKK donchaknow. You are not in the “powerless defendants” group that the SC Justices as well as the original pens of the constitution were referring to. You are privileged.

Crystal Gail Magnum & Kim Roberts

In 2004, the Supreme Court of these United States voted in a 7-2 ruling, reiterated this. No. Really???? Yep. Crawford vs Washington. The Justices (now if that isn’t an oxymoron) barred such bullshit like secondhand information and hearsay testimonies unless the defense (accused) has had an opportunity to question the accusing witness.

Crystal Gail Magnum & Kim Roberts

Yea, well, so what! They are rich white boys! They deserve what’s coming to them! Especially that one that went to an all male elitist school ‘cause when boys are edumacated in this sort of environment, without the nurturing and positive influences of the wonderful world of feminism, they become racist evil rapist! It’s true! Just ask and professor of wymins studies!

Crystal Gail Magnum & Kim Roberts

So now what happens the original three men, or the rest of the team? How about the coach? What can be done about all the MSM and femi-speak that has all but ruined THEIR reputations? What about their rights? Rape shield laws, in principle, were meant to protect the victims from being keelhauled through the mud. A reasonable if not correct assumption, when looking at how MSM loves a good mud bath.

Crystal Gail Magnum & Kim Roberts

But what about the initially accused; or the second pass accused? Are they NOW not the victims? Are they not the victims of a lynch mob mentality? Are they protected by the constitution as AMERICANS just like the accuser? Is there such a thing as trauma for the falsely accused? How many retractions have you seen in the news lately? How many apologies to the remaining men have been printed? How many femikook sites that initially crucified the WHOLE TEAM, CITY, SCHOOL, and MEN IN GENERAL have said, “sorry” to the other team members… to the coach. Uhuh, thought so.

Crystal Gail Magnum & Kim Roberts

Proof? We don’t need no stinkin’ proof! What we need is votes! We need a conviction! We need to prove that we will protect the ‘innocent’ at all costs! Not the alleged, the “innocent until proven guilty”! The term “alleged” is just a term. It has no real meaning. It’s just a name we use when a mother, woman, or any other protected class is accused of ‘indiscretions’.

But, what’s in a name…

Crystal Gail Magnum, multiple felon, stripper, hooker, and liar. A name that should NEVER EVER be forgotten.

Kim Roberts, felon, thief, and liar as well. Looking for a good "spin" doctor.



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Blogger nelsonlj said...

Define the word feminist. That seems to have changed over the years.

I asked a very honest male friend of mine what he thought it meant. He said any woman that wants a job is a feminist.

So when you say feminist, I'm a bit confused.

Also, innocent men are accused of rape everyday. It's sad and I don't understand why anyone would lie about that. I don't understand why people lie in general, actually. I wish I could stop it because it’s harmful to real victims, men, basically everybody.

I haven't followed up on this story. All I know is it boils my blood when someone is accused of something they didn't do.

I was there before and it ain't pretty.

Another thing is (I don't know if you respond to comments) I don't think that being a stripper or a hooker has any bearing on your integrity.

I could go on and on about the male/female relationships. I'll say a few things though:

On the surface, guys get the benefit. Guys make more money. They don't have to deal with working and raising children and trying to be everything in one person.

Don't forget, not too long ago wives couldn't take their husbands to court for rape because they were married. The corollary behind that is the wife is the husband's property, therefore he can do anything he wants.

Women couldn't open an account without a man with them. They couldn't vote. It was a popular thought that all STDs came from women. Women had smaller brains, therefore they weren’t as smart as men. The list can go on.

However, situations like these come up where the system treats the woman better because she's a female. This idea comes from the belief that women are the weaker sex.

Sooner or later the oppressed realizes they can't beat them, so they join them. They take advantage of what their oppressor thinks of them to get their way.

This is an example of it. A smaller, more innocuous example is a woman pretending to be dumb to get a man; or being the damsel in distress so her man can feel 'macho'.

It's all the same thing, except in this case lives have been ruined.

Not to say that men don’t suffer from this as well. I can’t count how many times I hear the phrase ‘be a man!’. We both suffer and we both pay for it. It’s a cycle of frustration that we don’t know how to get out of. We both blame each other for our situation and the way we’re expected to act.

I wish we could drop it.
I think it's extremely sad that we can't acknowledge our differences and move along.

Anyway, ‘victims’ like these make it hard for real rape victims (prison rape is real too) to have justice.

12:57 PM  

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