Sunday, July 24, 2011

--- AVfM Falls, Feminists Cream Pants

Well folks, personally I can't say I am all too shocked. After some 16 weeks, A Voice for Men Radio seems to have been killed. Speculations abound but, in all honesty, we in the MRM know all too well as to the whos and whys... Don't we.

In Paul Elam's own words;
I suppose it actually was inevitable.

I just received an email from an AVfM Radio listener informing me that the show has disappeared from the BlogTalk Radio website. Sure enough, an attempt on my part to log on just produced a message that my account there has been disabled.

And of course I found out in the predictable way. No notification, no warnings, no nothing. Just zap, you’re gone.

Typical of the times. Typical of corporate scumbags.

I wonder if they think this is going to shut us up?

Take heart, friends, we are temporarily down but hardly out.

I actually figured out after starting the broadcast out of BTR that there are much more cost effective options out there that do not put me at the mercy of pro feminist corporate forces.

We will be back on the air the MRA way. On our own.

It will take a little time. I need to press BTR for the refund and then sort through the equipment and learning curve for the new set up.

My genuine impression of all this?

Fuck ‘em. There will be much more powerful entities than BTR that will try to shut me down before this is over with. Fuck them, too.

Recently our friend Harry posted that there was a need for a certain amount of MRA’s that were willing to be somewhat vicious in order to push for changes. I could not agree more, and I will add one to that.

Some of us are willing to be more than that.

There are only two circumstances that can possibly result in my being silenced.

Justice or death.

Anyone thinks I am kidding is a fool.

Now, I have an article to finish that I started before this minor inconvenience happened.

Effing pathetic eh?

Don't worry folks, AVfM may be silent for a few, but not permanently! Paul and crew (all those involved in the show in some form or other - including folks who donated) will be back... Even Stronger!

Here is Uncle Bern showing his indignation on this.



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