Saturday, February 06, 2010

---Paul Elam of MND Call For Action

From HERE!

MRA John Dias of has put together a sterling collection of animated banners to get the word out all over the blogosphere about the upcoming Symposium on Male Studies.

Choose one or two of these banners an place them on your home page. Write other MRM bloggers and ask them to join you.

Do the same with other blogs that are political in nature, or educational, or religious. They need not be MRA oriented to understand the value of the OSI objective.

In an act as simple as putting a banner on a website, you can help spread this critical message across the MRA world and beyond in these last 8 weeks before the conference. Oh, and once you have the banner installed on your site, go ahead and click through and register for the online stream of the conference. It will be the best $15.00 you spend this year.

After two weeks have passed, if you see a men’s rights website or blog that does not have one of these banners, please write them respectfully and ask them why they aren’t supporting the greatest opportunity in forty years to further the cause of men and boys.

And if your next move is not to grab a banner and the URL from this page, the allow me to ask respectfully:

What are you waiting for?

Just click through any of the four images located HERE to see the full animated version and to download. Be sure to direct them only to:

Thank you in advance for getting on board to make this a success.

TMOTS Says: Ditto!



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