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---Where Would You Hide...The TRUTH!

Not sure if any of you check out YouTube, read my blogs, SYG, or even know who I am but...

A while back the MSPCC (Massachusetts Society for the something or other) put out an very defaming PSA about fathers and child abuse. This ad, brought to the attention of many readers by Glenn Sacks and MND, essentially implied, once again, through MISinformation, that all fathers are brutish abusers; specifically that of children.

Note that Glenn & Co. called for the removal and he and a few other men of noteworthiness through their own channels were able to get the PSA removed from the television. I comment him for his victory for lack of a better word.

BUT! The damage is done…

And, of course this garbage is still prevalent on the internet.....

Furthermore, Glenn called for us MRAs NOT to bombard them with emails etc because they "had done the right thing" by removing the ad.

Maybe so, but let’s say a person drove over your favorite pet, caused by their own stupidity or recklessness and not just an honest accident. They, “doing the right thing” paid the costs ensued and even went as far as to purchase you a NEW pet…

Would you be all cuddly and palsy-walsy with them now? Of course not. You would still have anger, sadness, and feel angst towards them at some level. In other words, the images of your pet being killed at the hands of a reckless act (such as the likes of MISinformation) is STILL embedded in your mind. The feelings are still in your heart. The pain and anger is still there. Sure, time will heal but…. The image(s) are now there…true or not.

The damage is done…..

By the way, did you notice how I used non-gender specifics above? See? It is actually quite easy to do!

Back to my tirade. I for one disagree with Glenn. Respectfully of course, but none-the-less disagree still. If just one person saw that ad, believed the bull, and now views all fathers as the prevailing child abusers in the home, then the ad did what it was supposed to do and we are once again evil monsters. And I truly believe that this WAS what the intention of the PSA all along.

Sure, one could say that the ad was really about child abuse as a whole. But when the gender of the perp is specifically a male actor, specifically labeled a “father” or “dad”. You get the message. It would have been very easy for them to just use the word “parent” and still get the message out. Yes, this message needs to get out, I do not argue that point what-so-ever. But they chose agenda over the children, per se instead.

The damage is done….

Arguably, this PSA was geared specifically towards Massachusetts. The numbers, albeit slightly correct (for that year), were seriously lacking and MISguiding. As we all say, ‘cherry picking’ to prove your point painfully to an agenda. And taking that side intentionally to MISlead when the overall facts are COMPLETELY different is dishonest in the least. To ignore the real facts, because they support the opposite of your agenda, in the least should be criminal. How many ways can I say it…

When I see media like this, I battle within myself as to what I should do about it. I want to be active because I care; and yes, sometimes, angry about it. But I also have very little time to pee, let alone do these videos that I must confess, are a tad cumbersome to produce. It’s the researching part that gets to me. I get so downtrodden when I read, re-read, and yet read again how fathers are monsters and mothers are better than sliced bread! It gets to me. I get angry, depressed, and then angry again…. Vicious cycle. A cycle that I place myself within time and time again because I feel that if one doesn’t do SOMETHING, then they have no real basis to piss-n-moan.

Anyhow, this one was just a days (ok evenings) work and I believe well worth the effort. I already had the REAL facts, all I needed to do was recreate the “slides” and do a little remove/insert action. Adjust the timing, add a few additional CORRECT facts, tape myself playing twinkle twinkle on my keyboards, compile it and viola! Remember, this was an easy one!

Legally, I am probably wrong by using THEIR PSA with my CORRECT and easily locatable data. But sometimes, ya just gottah say fuck it. They need to be called upon their lies. Sure, it was removed from the Television, but it is still all over the net…. And folks are touting this as fact with epic proportions! BULLSHIT I SAY!

So that is my tangent. Here is my response video to the Massholes, and to those on YouTube that tout this garbage as fact…. Enjoy.



Blogger Masculist Man said...

This is off topic.

There is a feminist that is gunning for MRA's since she is coming after us. Her blog is

This what she thinks of MRA's:

62 year old "Bob Allen" claims to be a philosopher, libertarian and human rights advocate.

He is part of a growing, disturbing group of bitter malcontents who call themselves
Masculists, or Men's Rights Advocates (MRA). Hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet,they spew hatred and advocate violence against women, the police, and anyone who disagrees with their agenda of hate.

Members of the Men's Rights Movement (MRM) like "Bob Allen" delight in sowing hatred,spreading lies and recruiting insecure and troubled youths into their paranoid and misogynistic fantasy world. When the truth isn't compelling enough, they create their own.


It seems her first target was yours truly because I dared to question her precious IMBRA.

The oh-so erudite and eloquent eMasculated Cretins over at Men's Rights Blog took exception to my "outing" their latent homosexuality (which was already "out" to anyone who had taken a college-level Intro to Psych course, which is why none of them realized it, I guess). One of the more advanced (i.e. with opposable thumbs & potty trained) of the eMasculists (boldly putting forth his views under the name "anonymous") posted this reaction (in the quaint vernacular of his people) to the Woman of Steele blog:

Who are FredX and Duncan? The older men who taught eMasculated Man when he was just eFfeminate Boy? Where did they go? San Francisco? Bangcock? The aids clinic?

Note to self: what's an mra? Men Reaming Assholes? Mostly Retarded Asshats? My Rectal Adventure? I'm sure Mr. eMas knows how to tear new assholes, having broken in lots of newbies like anonymous....


Since "man" cannot live by Internet porn, phone sex and mail order bride fantasy sites alone, there are a number of sophomoric Cretins running immature, moronic
anti-woman,anti-IMBLA hate sites, forums and blogs with the time that normal males would be spending with real female companionship. These perpetual adolescents strut incessantly, talking big and bold behind their fake names and faux manly personas, complaining about American women

and feminists and pretending that they're home every night, typing with one hand, by choice.

To the outside observer, their denial about their own sexuality, and the angst it's causing,is palpable and obvious.

A particularly pathetic example is called Men's Rights Board here on blogspot. Like most of these sites, it's run by a guy too cowardly to use his real name (lest his mother or husky
Polish wife reads it and makes him put the ball gag back on) This guy calls himself (get this:) the "Masculist Man." Gay enough for ya? A name obviously inspired by a Village People song.

He has a really bad illustration of a cartoon character grasping the phallic shaft of a sword held erect. The character is so cowardly he wears glasses and a kerchief over his face. He has just hacked the arm off a chained skeleton. Is this the poster graphic for Impotence, or what?

Most all of these guys are compensating for something... social awkwardness,impotence,latent homosexuality, insecurity, tiny penises, acne or obesity. Too bad that instead of raising themselves up, they put their energy into tearing women down.


She even went on to say this about one of our brothers:

Update: I found the blog of Fredx ( I'm sure glad he's not around! Sounds like a real man's man!

Source: Source:

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