Wednesday, February 09, 2011

--- How to promote a (false) ideology

Here we have a pseudo "PSA" aimed at boys. You know, to protect them from the evils of females and the like. Come on now, we all know that females can be mean and evil just like males... right? Right?

What? You find that offensive? Really? Why is that? I mean, it's just a message to boys about the possible pitfalls of getting involved with girl's, right? Information is power! Save the Children! Right?

Hmmmm. Well, OK, fair enough. Then I guess you'd find this "PSA" equally offensive too.

What? You don't? Really??? You don't find the implication that a child of maybe one year old is a rapist in waiting even slightly offensive?

Wow, wonder why that is.... Actually, I don't but...

Ironically, the first one isn't aired anywhere; for it's not a "real" PSA.

The second on the other hand, well it is being widely aired. Along with a few others. And this is just ONE activist group.

Think it's just a one-off? How about this one?

Still think it's just a one-off?

This is the sort of adverts that our children are exposed to daily. Sure, one could say that the boobtube doesn't form a child's mind or belief system... But one would be wrong. Children's minds are like sponges. They pick up on even the slightest nuances and do in fact formulate opinions and beliefs based upon what they see in the world wich incidentally includes the media (TV specifically). A narative voice-over implying that a infant boy is nothing but an evil rapist time bomb just waiting for the right time (age) to begin his reign of terror on women is despicable.

Regardless, the true facts that the rate of actual, as in REAL rapes, is significantly less than what the feminists want us to believe, and that false accusations of rape is almost equal, is of no consequence. But hey, why let a little thing like facts get in the way of a good ole male-bashing lynching right?

The difference here is of course, the PSA with the girl would never see the light of day. And we all know why. Male=bad / female=good is the mantra. Any variation from that policy is shuffled away withthe rest of the X-files.

If, for some gread oddity, you DO IN FACT find the boy one equally offensive, speak up! Contact this tool of a man, and his company that it is not right to use children to spread lies about the seriousness of rape by using small (male) children) - unless he willing to counter with the facts on False Rape Accusations as well - using small female children. I highly doubt he will but one could hope.

If you want to see what type of society we have become when it comes to the DV/Rape industry - and it is in fact a million dollar industry, check out The False Rape Society at

In fact, posting at the FRS shows no less than two cases of false accusation, false imprisionment, and in some cases murder along with many other heinious acts perpetuated against men and boys on a daily basis... Yet the MSM seems to have no knowledge of these facts. Or should I say, they know of it, they just refuse to take on the juggernaut that the anti-male industry.

Sickening? You bet your ass it is.



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