Thursday, February 18, 2010

---Meet Your Oppressors

Every once in a while, someone, somewhere does something that makes you just say... WOW!

You want activism? You want to get involved? You wanna blame feminism? All feminists? Just some? Why not blame the feminists (or supporters) that feed bogus information to those that make policy and law? Well, here is your chance.

Welmer over at The Spearhead gives you a great place to start! Here is THE list of all lists!

This list contains most, if not all of the femikook and mangina types that are making men's lives miserable via policy and/or law.

Get them damned pens (keys) ah movin! Share this list! Share it far and wide! if anything, share The Spearhead URL with other MRA/FRA's!

Meet Your Oppressors

Are you one of the millions of men who has seen his life crumble under the treads of the family law system? Did you ever wonder why hatred and abuse directed toward men was so prevalent in school? Maybe you’re an employer who got screwed in a sexual harassment lawsuit, or an employee who was falsely accused.

Perhaps you are the victim of an ex parte TRO (temporary restraining order), and were summarily evicted from your own house and your children’s lives. You might have tried to fight for custody of your children, only to find the deck stacked so high against you that you had no choice but to give up.

Maybe your wife had an affair, then received your house plus a hefty alimony judgment and now lives there with her new boyfriend.

After facing terrible injustice, you can’t imagine who would ever create this monstrous, oppressive system that has driven you to ruin and despair. You look around, but you have no idea who is to blame.

Look no more, because The Spearhead has come upon a neatly compiled list of people who are directly responsible for your pain and suffering. Yes, the people listed below are proud to be the source of your affliction, and broadcast their efforts to ruin the lives of more men from their lecterns in our nation’s institutes of higher learning. They write law, indoctrinate students, influence judges, serve as legal advisors to organizations such as NOW, and generally put a great deal of effort into beating down men with the law.

Of course, the following list is not comprehensive, but it’s a good start. It shows where they work, and has links to CVs that detail their experience and affiliations. Those who are interested in activism can use the info to protest the nearest school, or if they are alumni to demand an explanation for why the school is promoting sexist, misandrist female supremacists.

These lists are golden for political purposes, as cross-referencing can easily identify associations that are dedicated to feminism, allowing us to identify enemies and their allies as well as their opponents. They should be widely distributed so that plenty of people can use them.

Albany Law School
Alicia Ouellette
Laurie Shanks

American University Washington College of Law
Ann Shalleck
Anthony Varona
Billie Jo Kaufman
Christine Haight Farley
Mary Clark
Nancy D. Polikoff
Pamela Bridgewater
Victoria Phillips

Boston University School of Law
Katharine Silbaugh
Linda McClain
Wendy Gordon

Brigham Young University School of Law
Cheryl Preston

Bristol Law School
Rachel Fenton

Brooklyn Law School
Anita Bernstein
Liz Schneider
Minna Kotkin

California Western School of Law
Nancy Kim

Chapman University School of Law
Francine J. Lipman

City University of New York
Caitlin Borgmann
Deborah Zalesne
Jenny Rivera
Julie Goldscheid
Michelle Anderson
Penelope Andrews
Rebecca M. Bratspies
Richard Storrow
Ruthann Robson

Cleveland State University College of Law
Lolita Buckner Inniss

Columbia Law School
Ariela Dubler
Carol Sanger
Caroline Bettinger-Lopez
Elizabeth Emens
Elizabeth Scott
Jane Spinak
Katherine Franke
Kendall Thomas
Patricia Williams
Susan Sturm
Suzanne Goldberg

Cumberland School of Law, Samford University
Marcia L. McCormick

Drexel University College of Law
Anil Kalhan
David S. Cohen

Duke University School of Law
Kimberly Krawiec

Elon University School of Law
Eric M. Fink

Emory University School of Law
Martha Fineman

Florida Coastal School of Law
Nareissa Smith

Florida International University College of Law
Cyra Akila Choudhury
David D. Walter

Florida State University College of Law
Faye E. Jones
Lesley Wexler

Fordham Law School
Sonia Katyal

George Washington University Law School
Alexa Freeman
Joan Meier
Naomi Cahn
Neil Buchanan
Phyllis Goldfarb

Georgetown University Law Center
Nan Hunter
Rebecca Tushnet

Golden Gate University School of Law
Leslie Rose

Gonzaga University School of Law
Mary Pat Treuthart

Hamline University School of Law
Marie A. Failinger
Sharon Sandeen
Tom I. Romero

Harvard Law School
Elizabeth Bartholet

Hofstra University School of Law
Barbara Lukeman
Elizabeth M. Glazer

Humbolt University Berlin Law Faculty
Susanne Baer

Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago-Kent College of Law
Felice Batlan

Indiana University Maurer School of Law
Susan H. Williams

Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis
Jennifer A. Drobac
Shawn Boyne

John Marshall Law School
Colin Miller
Doris Long
Susan L. Brody

Lewis & Clark Law School
Kathy Hessler

Louisiana State University Law Center
Christine Corcos

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law
M. Isabel Medina

Marquette University Law School
Andrea K. Schneider
Jessica E. Price
Lisa Mazzie Hatlen
Rebecca Blemberg

McGill University
Kim Brooks

Michigan State University College of Law
Catherine Grosso
Cynthia Lee Starnes
Joan Howarth
Kristi L. Bowman
Melanie B. Jacobs

New York Law School
Ann F. Thomas
Carlin Meyer
William P. LaPiana

New York University School of Law
Amy Adler
Meg Satterthwaite
Sylvia Law

Northwestern University School of Law
Elizabeth L. Inglehart
Kimberly Yuracko

Ohio State University College of Law
Marc Spindelman

Pace Law School
Adele Bernhard
Alexander K.A. Greenawalt
Andrew C.W. Lund
Audrey Rogers
Barbara Atwell
Bennett Gershman
Bridget Crawford
Darren Rosenblum
David Cassuto
David Dorfman
Don Doernberg
Emily Gold Waldman
Horace Anderson
Janet A. Johnson
Jeffrey Miller
Jill Gross
John Humbach
Leslie Yalof Garfield
Linda Fentiman
Margaret M. Flint
Marie Stefanini Newman
Michael Mushlin
Michelle Simon
Noa Ben-Asher
Ralph Stein
Vanessa Merton

Pennsylvania State University
Eileen Kane

Princeton University
Imani Perry

Rutgers University School of Law – Camden
Imani Perry
Sarah Ricks

Rutgers University School of Law – Newark
Suzanne A. Kim

Santa Clara University School of Law
Margaret M. Russell
Michelle Oberman
Stephanie M. Wildman

Seattle University School of Law
Julie Shapiro
Lily Kahng
Margaret Chon

Seton Hall University School of Law
Rachel D. Godsil

South Texas College of Law
Kathleen Bergin

Southern Methodist University School of Law
Rose Cuison Villazor
Susan Scafidi

Southwestern Law School
Angela Riley
Danni Hart
Gowri Ramachandran
Judy Sloan
KC Sheehan
Myrna Raeder
Sung Hui Kim

St. Thomas University School of Law
Lauren Gilbert

Stanford Law School
Deborah Rhode

State University of New York at Buffalo
Athena D. Mutua
Martha McCluskey

Stetson University College of Law
Ellen Podgor
Marleen O’Connor

Suffolk University Law School
Frank Rudy Cooper
Jessica Silbey
Kate Nace Day
Marie Ashe

Syracuse University College of Law
Kevin Noble Maillard
Leslie Bender


Temple University School of Law
JoAnne Epps
Kathryn Stanchi
Marina Angel

Texas Southern University School of Law
Deana Pollard Sacks

Texas Tech University School of Law
Jennifer S. Bard

The University of Chicago
Mary Anne Case

Thomas Cooley Law School
Kimberly O’Leary

Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Marjorie Cohn

Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center
Deseriee Kennedy
Meredith R. Miller
Tracy L. McGaugh

Tulane University Law School
Elizabeth Nowicki

Umeå University
Åsa Gunnarsson

University of Alabama School of Law
Kimberly Ann Bart
Meredith Render
Montré D. Carodine

University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law
Theresa M. Beiner

University of Baltimore School of Law
Leigh Goodmark
Margaret Johnson
Wendy Gerzog

University of British Columbia Faculty of Law
Claire Young
Susan B. Boyd

University of California at Irvine School of Law
Dan L. Burk

University of California Berkeley Boalt Hall
Melissa Murray

University of California Davis School of Law
Courtney Joslin
Dennis Ventry
Lisa R. Pruitt
Madhavi Sunder

University of California Hastings College of Law
Kelly Weisberg

University of Cincinnati College of Law
Barbara Black
Kristen Kalsem
Margaret Drew
Verna Williams

University of Colorado School of Law
Carolyn Ramsey
Clare Huntington
Laura Spitz
Marianne Wesson
Scott Moss

University of Dayton School of Law
Pamela Laufer-Ukeles
Vernellia R. Randall

University of Denver College of Law
Ann Scales
Kristian Miccio

University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
Bonita Gardner
Bret Boyce
David Koelsch
Jennifer Henderson
Julia Belian
Julie St. John

University of Florida College of Law
Berta Esperanza Hernandez-Truyol
Nancy Dowd

University of Houston Law Center
Nancy B. Rapoport

University of Idaho College of Law
Elizabeth B. Brandt
Maureen Laflin

University of Illinois College of Law
Beth Burkstrand-Reid
Christine Hurt
Sara R. Benson

University of Kansas School of Law
Stacy Leeds

University of Kentucky School of Law
Lori Ringhand
Sarah N. Welling

University of Louisville School of Law
Jim Chen

University of Manitoba Faculty of Law
Debra Parkes
Jennifer L. Schulz
Karen Busby

University of Maryland School of Law
Danielle Citron
Karen Czapanskiy
Martha M. Ertman

University of Miami School of Law
Caroline Mala Corbin
Donna Coker
Mary Coombs
Zanita Fenton

University of Michigan Law School
Jessica Litman

University of Minnesota Law School
Dan L. Burk
Heidi Kitrosser
Mary Louise Fellows

University of Missouri-Kansas City
June Carbone
Nancy Levit

University of Nebraska College of Law
Colleen Medill
Eric Berger
Sandi Zellmer

University of Nevada Las Vegas
Ann McGinley
Jean Whitney
Kay Kindred
Lynne Henderson
Rachel Anderson

University of New Mexico School of Law
Margaret E. Montoya
Marsha Baum

University of North Carolina School of Law
Tamar Birckhead

University of Oregon School of Law
Caroline Forell

University of Ottawa Faculty of Law
Ian Kerr

University of Pennsylvania Law School
Anita L. Allen-Castellitto
Anne E. Kringel
Regina Austin

University of Pittsburgh School of Law
Anthony Infanti

University of San Diego School of Law
Orly Lobel

University of San Francisco School of Law
Maya Manian
Rhonda Magee

University of South Carolina School of Law
Ann Bartow
Danielle R. Holley-Walker
Jacquline Fox
Kim Diana Connolly
Susan Kuo

University of Southern California Law School
Mary L. Dudziak

University of Tennessee College of Law
Becky L. Jacobs
Fran Ansley
Jennifer Hendricks
Joan MacLeod Heminway
Mae Quinn

University of the Pacific School of Law
Miriam A. Cherry
Ruth Jones

University of Toledo College of Law
Llewellyn Gibbons

University of Victoria Faculty of Law
Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey
Gillian Calder
Maneesha Deckha
Maureen Maloney

University of Virginia School of Law
Kerry Abrams

Vanderbilt University Law School
Beverly I. Moran

Vermont Law School
Joan Vogel
Stephanie Farrior

Villanova University School of Law
Michelle Madden Dempsey
Penny Pether

Wake Forest University School of Law
Jennifer Collins
Margaret H. Taylor

Washington & Lee University School of Law
Joan Shaughnessy
Susan D Franck

Washington University in St. Louis
Laura Rosenbury

Wayne State University Law School
Linda M. Beale

Western New England College Law School
Erin Buzuvis
Giovanna Shay
Sudha Setty

Willamette University College of Law
Laura Appleman
Susan Smith

William and Mary Law School
Rebecca Hulse
Susan Grover

William Mitchell College of Law
Sarah Deer

Again, I take zero credit, none, nunka for this great list. All kudos go to Welmer over at The Spearhead.

And the 64K question of the day is...

Notice anything odd about this list? Anyone? Beauller?


Saturday, February 06, 2010

---Paul Elam of MND Call For Action

From HERE!

MRA John Dias of has put together a sterling collection of animated banners to get the word out all over the blogosphere about the upcoming Symposium on Male Studies.

Choose one or two of these banners an place them on your home page. Write other MRM bloggers and ask them to join you.

Do the same with other blogs that are political in nature, or educational, or religious. They need not be MRA oriented to understand the value of the OSI objective.

In an act as simple as putting a banner on a website, you can help spread this critical message across the MRA world and beyond in these last 8 weeks before the conference. Oh, and once you have the banner installed on your site, go ahead and click through and register for the online stream of the conference. It will be the best $15.00 you spend this year.

After two weeks have passed, if you see a men’s rights website or blog that does not have one of these banners, please write them respectfully and ask them why they aren’t supporting the greatest opportunity in forty years to further the cause of men and boys.

And if your next move is not to grab a banner and the URL from this page, the allow me to ask respectfully:

What are you waiting for?

Just click through any of the four images located HERE to see the full animated version and to download. Be sure to direct them only to:

Thank you in advance for getting on board to make this a success.

TMOTS Says: Ditto!