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Sometimes life gets in the way of things. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Anyhow, it has been brought to my attention recently that a few good men have taken on the arduous task of producing podcasts and videos from the male prospective... if you will.

Sure, one could say that the ever-growing amount of MRA/FRA information on the web claiming the male prospective is bordering saturation, but you would be wrong. With the lame-stream-medias inability to speak candidly (as in tell the truth – and tell all of it) about the gender wars, feminism, and men in general, the internet has become a sort of men’s’ media of choice.

What one should say though is that within that ever-growing amount of information, quality as well as sound information is difficult to find, THAT! Would be a correct statement.

So when I do in fact find a quality site, blog, Vlog, or anything else offered from the litany of offerings, I take note. In some cases, I broadcast it to inform others of its sheer quality and sound offerings.

This is one such case.

Of course I speak, admirably I might add, of Paul Elam, Amfortas, and Christian J.

These three gents have taken a significant amount of time to address some of the issues present day man (as in males) must endure… Not by choice I might add… but endure non-the-less.

From the disintegration of the family unit to the bastion of woman-feel-good-isms known as modern advertising… from feminism and its effects on women to the feminist golden earring, the nonexistent pay gap, these individuals take ‘em on. And do it quite well at that!

The following is a listing of their works thus far to date. Each podcast or video contains a small synopsis to inform the listener/viewer of the topic-de-jour. For the podcasts, just click on the name and listen away!

Listen, absorb, and learn my friends. For these are perfect examples as to what we as a group can do with a little ingenuity and allot of drive!

By the way, does anyone else thing Amfortas sounds a little like Sean Connery? Sure, I know Connery is Scottish and Amfortas is Australian… But they are both Knights, right?

…bad American.. Bad, bad American.

The first two-part podcast is called Stolen Generation.

Stolen Generation Pt.1.
A professional analysis of the Family Court’s ‘Bible’ that justifies the ‘ least detrimental alternatives’ to the traditional family. “We have a generation of fathers who are shell-shocked, heartbroken”. It was Adolph Hitler who first said that people will take any reduction to their freedom if you tell them it is in the best interests of the children. Could we not have a non-detrimental alternative, Amfortas asks.

Stolen Generation Pt.2.
The Family Court brings about the detrimental conditions that lead to a delinquent culture of fatherlessness in children. The ‘most deserving parent’ is chosen on genitalia. Professionals make judgments that cause parental alienation syndrome. A juggernaut is driven over Magna Carta. An equal society is replaced by a superior class of people.

Next we have a two-part series on the negative portrayal of men in media - television - and advertising, called Give a Dog a Bad Name.

Give a Dog a Bad Name. Pt.1.
The mass media is anti-male by commercial design. Comprehensive study data shows the depth of disrespect for men. Even ‘Old-school’ feminists are appalled at the damage being done to men. The media is ‘Wrong, both factually and morally”, says MRA Amfortas. Government pays for an agitprop war on men’s reputation to frighten women. At what cost?

Give a dog a Bad Name. Pt.2.
Women have unconsciously adopted a habit of disrespecting men. “Men are feeling profoundly disappointed, disillusioned and disgusted” and are withdrawing their support and protection of women. Society and women in particular, are losing a valuable resource needed for its healthy continuance. The Love of men. Is this what women want?

In the next two-part podcast, named Sacred Cows in the China Shop, the topic of discussion is the legitimacy of Women’s Studies in academia.

Sacred Cows in the China Shop. Pt.1.
A female economist takes on a leading Feminist in a debate. Women’s Studies Depts’ have no legitimacy and should be closed. They are academically bogus and “Ideologically biased”. A men’s Studies Dept could be better trusted to seek truth and answers to urgent social questions. Women dominate Universities and are driven by bias.

Sacred Cows in the China Shop. Pt.2.
A ‘Life studies dept’ would serve society better than a ‘woman’s studies Dept. “50 million unborn babies have died for women’s rights”. Enough is enough. University cobbled Feminists ‘cherry pick’ studies and ignore contrary evidence to present false ideas to the public, corrupting their intellectual obligation and actively creating and manipulating a negative and destructive image about men.

The title says it all in this next two-part podcast, aptly named Feminism is NOT Good For women.

Feminism is NOT good for Women. Pt.1.
Post WW2 Feminism adopted Marxist ‘conflict’ model, pitting a new ‘Class’ of oppressed women against an imaginary exploitative ‘patriarchy, according to Female Economist Jennifer Morse. Christian J narrates how women adopted it to assuage and project their guilt and resentment after so many male deaths in wars to defend them. Women were in work since WW1 and had parity in University education before WW2, long before the Feminist revolution of the 70s.

Feminism is NOT good for Women. Pt.2.
Christian J continues to show how the destruction of marriage and Family is against women’s best interests and is leading to profound unhappiness. Women participate in the public sphere by chemically neutering themselves during the peak child-bearing years. “The infertile career woman - and her close cousin, the single mother -is not exactly by choice, but more by default. These women are extremely disappointed.”

Granted, this next three-part podcast is geared more towards our Australian brothers, I should point out that identifying the similarities with England and the United States is rather simple if not transparent.

Deliberately Lying about Domestic Violence in Australia. Pt.1.
The ‘women’s Safety Survey’ was “uncorroborated, biased and manipulated” ‘Advocacy research’ orchestrated by the Office for the Status of Women and passed off as Bureau of Statistics report. It caused an enormous row, says MRA Amfortas. Manipulated definitions and hysterical claims copied from America made innocuous behavior criminal. DV sells commercial products to women and expropriates public funds for the fastest growing ‘Industry in Australia.

Deliberately Lying about Domestic Violence in Australia. Pt.2.
Three other sources of ‘official’ data which are routinely manipulated and presented to support DV lies are analyzed by Amfortas and compared to Independent University research which completely contradicts the ‘official message’.” It would be generous to think that this manipulation and bias was just the result of incompetence. But as we can see there is something far darker behind it. It is corruption. It is deliberate.”

Deliberately Lying about DV in Australia. Pt.3. The Truth is out there – Somewhere.
Christian J narrates how the 2006 Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Survey completely contradicted the Government’s 1996 survey. He also points to the attempts by feminist bureaucrats to manipulate by having ONLY female interviewers to bias the results. Results show women twice as safe as men. The Government has thrown a blanket of silence over it. Feminists maintain an undemocratic stranglehold, expropriating public monies for their anti-male ‘Industry’.

The next podcast identifies, rightly I might add, the misandrist (read feminist) play, The Vagina Monologues. A play that injects man-hate, lesbianism, and “good rape” under the guise of empowering women and how such “empowerment” isn’t empowering for women at all.

The Degradation of Women – by feminism
“In textbook leftist style, feminist supporters of the play ’Vagina Monologues’ cloak their attack on normal family values and morality under the guise of promoting awareness about violence against women. One does not have to be a prude to see a weak excuse for pornography and an anti-male agenda. But to disguise it as ‘awareness of abuse’ is an abuse of women’s minds and sensibilities.” Amfortas lauds Bridget Blanton for her stand and protests and against the glorification of lesbian rape of young girls.

Paul Elams' analysis of the so-called pay gap is narrated by Amfortas in this next piece named The Wage Spin.

The Wages of Spin
Amfortas narrates the analysis of Paul Elam of the Pay Gap Myth, showing the mendacious and partial statistics promoted by politicians to anger women for political advantage. Women’s choices are intelligent and nurturing while men not only work longer hours but take the dangerous jobs that pays more. Dr Warren Farrell’s early rationales are sustained.

This next podcast is an analysis of feminism by yet another succinct and learned MRA/FRA, Fidelbogan. A must listen!

Is Feminism a Hate Movement?
Amfortas narrates MRA Fidelbogan’s well established, clear and logical analysis of the links between the spectrum of disaffection feelings that women have for men and the rise and sustenance of Feminism. This spectrum is lead from the top by hateful, sociopathic women and supported by ‘rent-seeking scum’ women in growing bureaucracies, who take immoral advantage.

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Well, I say "not without going out with a bang!”. The remaining two entries are what I like to call “The Next Logical Step” in the information process. Sure, podcasts are great, but once imagery is added, whoa! A whole new level! YouTube!

Everyday Family Terrorism
Paul Elam, Amfortas and Christian J show and tell of the damage done within families and society by intransigent people, in this instance Women, who are prepared to destroy their own families to get their own way. Erin Pizzey documented the effects of showing the Truth about violent women, for which she received Feminist death threats. Dr Eric Berne shows several 'Games' used including the 'let’s you and him fight' game so common today where cops and courts do the dirty work that leaves children unprotected.

The Pay Gap - The Wage Of Spin
Amfortas, Paul Elam and Christianj, examine the myth of the Pay Gap and show, name and shame the political women who lie to get the women's vote. Dr Warren Farrell demolished the mendacious claims but has been ignored by the media. Men do the dirty, dangerous work which pays well while women exercise choices that are more nurturing and 'safe'. The glass ceiling does not exist but the glass cellar does. Excellent video production by Paul Elam.

Until we meet again my brothers, keep on doing what you're doing!


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