Wednesday, June 04, 2008

---21st Century 'moms'

Every once in a while, I come across a ‘site’ that just screams “ARE YOU EFFING SERIOUS?”

Below is a perfect example of what a 'modern' and 'independant' woman sees her husband as.... a mule. And what's her job? Guess...

It's a good thing she has time to follow her 'new passion' as well, feminism...

Oh, and I refuse to give a link to this pathetic site. Suffice it to say that it is a site dedicated to, now get this.... mommies! And this was listed under the heading of “The Equality Challenge”. Yea, okayyyyy…

Her post is in italics, and my responses are not...
On November 18th, 2007 Barbara (not verified) said:

“Hi everyone! I just have to make mention a couple of things. First is the fact that I am in my mid thirties and have found a new passion (other than my wonderful husband and just as wonderful four children). My new passion is the subject of feminism. From it's very beginning to the current issues has held my fascination for the last few months or so. This is the reason I have come across this wonderful forum.”

Mid thirties, four children….. wow! Must be chaos in your house! Especially when you add feminism to the mix.

“Second, I too have a fantastic 'partnership' for a marriage. My husband works fulltime in an extremely emotionally, physically, and psychologically difficult job, goes to school to complete his second degree, and is also "on call" 24-7.”

Well, at least she can admit that it isn’t really a partnership, albeit subconciously. Note the use of the ticks around the word ‘partnership’.

So he works his ass off, goes to school, and is on call 24/7, and is supportive of you. And what exactly do you do to support him?

“With all this being said, he is the most supportive man I have ever been lucky enough to have met. He went from a single man to marrying me- a single mom of two with an abusive ex-husband. (whom is still extremely mentally and psychologically abusive) Duane (my wonderful husband) has taken the challenge of parenthood to the absolute extreme.”

Oh, that’s right, you gave him a ready made family and just for good measure, you added a couple more. What a woman.

And of course, just to add a little icing to the top of the cake, the tried and true “I have an abusive ex….blah blah”…. Got it. Thanks. And what exactly does that have to do with the price of freaking tea in China?

“Not only is he an active parent of my first two children, but in 2004, we were blessed with a set of girl/boy twins. My wonderful husband was never asked to change diapers because he was always headed that way before I got a chance to. He changed diapers, did dishes, had "binky patrol", got up almost every single night each and every time it was feeding time, etc., etc., etc. He did this even when he went back to work after taking a six-week FMLA.”

Well, isn’t that special. He got to take ‘family leave’ (without pay I am sure) so that you could… uhm… what….. sit on your fat ass and watch him do everything? How very…. Uhm… 21st century woman and supportive of you. Were you sick? Is there a reason for you not to do anything and he does everything (by her own admission)?

So he is an “active parent”. Gesh, then what does that make you? I would really hate to see what an “inactive parent” looks like. Oh wait….

“Now fast forward three + years and he continues to take on any chore that is necessary to maintain our household. This includes, but is not lmited to, dishes, cleaning bathrooms, planning AND cooking meals, vacuuming, windows, grocery shopping, potty-training assistance, laundry, etc. The list goes on. The really neat thing about this - I have never had to ask him to do these things. He does these things on his own!!! How cool is that? Oh, I must also mention that I am a stay-at-home-mom.”

Hmmm… The kids appear to be of school age now… At least two are and the other two are most likely in kindergarden. What is it exactly do you do all day again? Oh that’s right, you’re a stay-at-home-mom! That’s what! Oh wait! “potty Training assistance” so that must mean you at least do part of that…..

WHEW! Take a break! Must be very tiring! Would you like some bonbons with your oprah Madam? I am sure if you call your man-slave at work, he can stop by the store and get you another box!

Curious though, does he ever ask you to do anything? Do you ever ‘just do it’ because it needs to be done so that after a nice easy day at work he doesn’t have to come home and do it? Nawwww that would never enter into your selfish little mind now would it. Why would you? You can just sit around feeling lucky and ‘allow’ him to do it all and you so that you can follow your new passion, feminism! You go Grrrlll!

“So for all those who have lost hope as I had once done, every now and again there is a man (many more perhaps) that actually know how difficult running a household fulltime is. He walks in the door, takes off his uniform, rolls up his sleeves, and gets busy. This absolutely includes the fun "hi-yaaa!!!" (say it like you are doing a karate-chop). There is even bathtimes, story-times, and snuggles to be had!”

Lost hope in what? Having a personal slave that not only does everything traditionally his, but all of your traditional stuff as well? WHOOT! Man! What a lucky son-of-a-bitch he is! Or should I say husband-of-a-bitch….Seems more apropoe. All is well though. You found your gold ring! You can have time for your new passion and just wait a few years for him to croak! Then, it’ll all be yours!!!!!!!

“Knows how difficult running a household fulltime is”.

Really? How the hell would you know? You, by your own admission, haven’t a clue as to what it takes. Oh, wait, I take that back. You do know what needs to be done, you just don’t do any of it. You just gloat on a femikook site about ‘how lucky you are’.

Oh, you are lucky all right. No man in his right fucking mind would put up with this shit. You are a stay-at-home-mom but you don’t do any 'mom' stuff! Well, except the stay at home part that is. Personally, the word leach comes to mind.

“I still am very interested in becoming active in the feminism works of current events. Please give me some ideas that I can do to begin this challenge.”

Well for starters, how about getting your ass out of the house and work, you lazy bitch. Secondly, according to feminism, equality and sharing the workload is the order of the day. So you best be getting your ass off the couch and start doing some chores around the house. Maybe a nice dinner from the microwave once a month for starters. Wouldn’t want you to get overwhelmed now would we… Maybe you should go on holiday or something… you know, some ‘me time’. You sure could use it.

“I thank you all for your time.”

No problem. Not like you have any time to spare, so what else is a slav….err man who has plenty to spare to do?

“Sincerely, Barbara”

Oh, I don’t doubt that you have some redeaming qualities, I am just not sure what they are. I am sure though, that sincerity isn’t one of them you pathetic meatbag!

SOOOOOoooooo… Let's recap, shall we?

He works 6 days a week in a physically, emotionally, and psychologically challenging job.

He is ALSO attending college to get his SECOND degree.

He comes home and immediately "rolls up his sleeves and gets to work" by cooking dinner, doing baths, cleaning, laundry, etc etc.... all the while continuing to do traditional male things like house/yard/car maintenance stuff.

And what does she do? Well, she is a 'stay-at-home-mom'. Uhuh. Good to see that she understands what a stay-at-home-PARENT really does…

In closing, I am not condemning all stay-at-home-moms. It’s just that this woman is a perfect example of what I mean when I say that they (some) are so full of shit. In her warped little mind, this is what a husband ‘helping out’ is all about. Well, I don’t consider this a partnership at all. This man is on a one way trip to his grave.

If a woman wants the traditional role (staying at home mommy) then she should be doing the traditional STAY AT HOME stuff! Pretty simple actually. When I was a WORK-at-home-dad, I did most of the traditional mom stuff as well as my own dad stuff. Why? It made sense, I was home! She was out working her ass off, keeping us covered medically! It was the right thing to do! I had the flexability, and the time, I used it wisely. Something that the modern day stay-at-home-moms seem to have conveniently forgotten about.