Thursday, April 12, 2007

---Lets you and them DUKE it out…

So some 390 plus days later, the AG of Durham NC states what this man, as well as many thousands of other already knew:

“The result of our review and investigation shows clearly that there is insufficient evidence to proceed on any of the charges, today we are filing notices of dismissal for all charges. We believe these cases were a result of a tragic rush to accuse and failure to verify serious allegations. Based on the significant inconsistencies in the evidence and the various accounts given by the accusing witness, we believe these three individuals are innocent of these charges.”

Funny how the MSM is now showing Crystal Gail Magnum (or is it Mangum?) for the liar she is. Furthermore, they… well most of the MSM, are actually posting her image and name! Finally!

The sad point is that the AG will not charge her, the FALSELY ACCUSED will not (at least at this time) be suing her or anyone else for that matter. So nothing really is going to happen to a woman that has cost the families over 3 million dollars, the county or Durham at least that much, and the reputations of these young men. Where are the pot-bangers, the women holding signs calling for the castration of these boys? Where is the Duke 88? The Mangina of a campus prez? Huh? What’s that? I cannot hear you!

Once again, the message is loud and clear, that women can make FALSE ACCUSATIONS with impunity. Once again, the system has shown that a man is cannon fodder: unimportant.

During the press conference, Seligmann stated that the entire experience was a "dark cloud of justice," saying, "Today marks the end of a yearlong nightmare that has been emotionally devastating for all of our families."

Ehhhh. So what… You are just a bunch of privileged white boys… Right? What about the lying hooker…err I mean victim? What about poor widow Cwistow Gaiwl Mangum? What about the ka-bazillion women raped every single nano-second of the day that will now be shamed into not coming forward? Oh? What is that? You mean that is not a true statistic. Really? What?! Approximately 50% of the rape accusations are proven unfounded or completely false. No way! Women do not lie. Especially about such an ‘orible thing like rape!

Seligmann further states; "The Duke lacrosse case shows has shown society has lost sight of the most fundamental principles of our justice system." Gee, what ever could he be alluding to? That annoying innocent until proven guilty thing again?
He also tongue-lashed the media for the "hurtful words" and "outrageous lies” perpetuated against them. Oh, but they are protected as well, by “freedom of speech” don’t-cha-know.

"Truth is the best vindication against slander," Seligmann said, quoting Abraham Lincoln.

That may be a real nice touchy-feely retort there buddy, but it still does not get you a job in the real world now does it. It will not put all those asshats like Katie C, Wendy Mac, Vanessa V, Amada Marcrotch-rot, and their ilk in their rightful places, now will it? Funny how all these femikooks are now more quiet that the crickets. Not even will they try to justify this travesty in justice, let alone attempt to defend their previous comments.

Sue them all guys. Make a nice living suing every single fucking person that ever made a slanderous comment or implied your guilt without a single legal grain of evidence. You are “well off” now, just think how “well off” you could become if you held these folks accountable for their words. Do the names Rush Limbaugh or Don Imus ring a bell? They were crucified for saying hateful and bigoted things, and rightly so. What is the difference? Because the “victim” is a black person? Or is it because she is a woman? Or is it both. I call shenanigans…

Evans even went so far as to address MSM’s comparing the lacrosse players to Hitler, an analogy he said was one of many made in the days after the allegations surfaced, as reported on Fox News website.

"My family and I can sleep at night knowing I did everything I was supposed to do. I never lied … and I can walk with my head held high and I can sleep at night knowing I couldn't have done anything else to prove my innocence."

Yes, and it is a good thing you had the money to defend yourselves. As one of the boys stated, this would have never ended this way if they had not had the resources to combat against the charges. All is very telling indeed. This is what is really irks the likes of the femikooks. This is why they are so silent now. The femi-regime had a calculated plan. Chrystal was their savior. Their reason for pushing for such ridiculous laws like VAWA, the new and improved I-VAWA, and the DV industry as a whole. They needed a new poster child to show the Patriarchy’s™ stronghold on the world. The evils that are male must be put in check and in the least shamed into submission.

ABC’s website stated, "Fresh eyes would have ended this case before it began," said Larry Pozner, a defense attorney for 33 years and former president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. "This is a travesty. This is a tragedy for the woman and the team and the individual defendants."

And thereeeeeeesssssss your sign. Notice how even in the eyes of legalese, a lying stripper, twice over is still the victim. Oh the tragedy. This poor woman. HUH? Excuse me? The only place this skank was being portrayed for what she really is, a lying skank hooker, was the internet. Even then, the sites that willfully stated her name under the guise of fair and equal justice were far and few. This Man On The Street, or course, being one of them.

The family members of Mangum told FOX News that she is "almost relieved" the case is over. Family members had earlier told FOX News that she has wanted the case to end for some time, especially since she expected charges to be lessened — if not dropped completely — since Nifong removed himself from the case.”

Well shit me a brick! Of course she did! Because the lie was falling apart right before her eyes. She knew what she had done, and now that the rest of the world was beginning to see what was so painfully fucking obvious from the start, she made it all up. The reason? Who the fuck cares! No excuses skanky nappy headed hoe! Yes, I said it. Got a fucking problem with that? Tough shit! I am free to say what I want and no Sharpton-esque assclown is going to silence me.

The family also said, “That they're poor and black, whereas the players and their families are "rich and white," and that the attorney general's office has looked upon the players as "golden boys”, according to Fox News.

Oh, it most certainly was about race. However, not the way you perpetual victims want it to be. It was about misandry, misandrist laws, and racial peddlers. Comments like “dead man walking” spoken by one of the New Black Panthers towards Evans, ON the DIKE errr DUKE CAMPUS, are nothing more than HATE SPEECH. Why is this acceptable? Why was this threat ignored? If I were Evans, that son-of-bitch would have been charged immediately! Come and say that to me Mr. toughie-tough “gangsta”. I will blow your fucking head off before the rest of your nappy-headed wanna-be-cops pals can say “black power”. You and your ilk are nothing but thugs. And thugs belong six feet under.

In addition, before any of you pussy-whipped liberal pansies call me on my language or my “racial remarks”, remember this, I have just as much right as you to say what I want, when I want. If you do not like it, practice what you preach. When you retract your garbage against my sex and my heritage, then, and only then will I give a fuck what you think or say.

The Man On The Street