Tuesday, July 26, 2011

--- Justice for once!

Well daym! It would apper that there is at least one female in a position of power that will admit to a knee-jerk reactionary wrong and correct it! AVfM Radio is back.

Personally I would like to thank Miss Shannon Dingee-Kramer for working this out with Paul and giving a sincere apology for her actions. Thank you Miss Dingee-Kramer.

Here is Paul explaining it all;

Well gents and ladies, it has been a most interesting evening. Grab yourself a cuppa and listen to what you, MRM loyalists, did.

Just about two hours ago I got off the phone with Shannon Dingee-Kramer, the director of customer relations and operations for BlogTalk Radio.

The short version of that talk is that we are back in business at BTR, with an apology for the interruption but the details of the conversation are what you will find most interesting.

The program was interrupted by a complaint about something I said on the air on 6/28/11, in the episode entitled FTSU Big Time. I said, and the quote is approximate, regarding the debut of register-her.com, “Now, if Mary Jane Rottencrotch decides to falsely accuse her husband of domestic violence in order to get the upper hand in a divorce, we can publish all her personal information on the website, including her name, address, phone number…even her routes to and from work.”

This remark elicited a complaint to BTR, from an unnamed individual. I asked if it was Jessica Valenti and was told by Dingee-Kramer that she did not know.

I asked because it was immediately after that broadcast that Valenti was caught tweeting her followers, looking for advice on how to erase her existence off the internet.

Apparently the tough as milquetoast creator of Friday Feminist Fuck You is just a scared little girl when someone fights back.

In the next part of the conversation we covered what should have been obvious from the outset. I was making a rhetorical, hypothetical remark about the possibilities of what we could do, using a fictitious character in the process.

Dingee-Kramer’s reaction to the complaint was impulsive and thoughtless for sure.

I threatened no one, speaking only in the realm of possibilities, and the reaction should never have happened. And as anyone visiting register-her.com can see, there is no personal address of anyone listed on that site, much less their routes to and from employment or anywhere else.

No one named Rottencrotch either.

To her credit, that was precisely Dingee-Kramer’s after-the-fact assessment of her own decision, and why she offered what appeared to be a sincere apology.

She also reinstated AVfM Radio while we were on the phone together.

Her explanation of what happened centered around her assertion that they were very short staffed when the complaint came in and that she made a decision spontaneously, without diligent investigation.

All because someone complained about what I said, alleging it was a real threat against an actual human being.

In short, just another feminist telling a lie. And someone else who bought into it without thinking.

Truth tell, I liked speaking with Dingee-Kramer. She was personable, accountable and shared with me that she visited register-her.com and is “100% supportive” of what we are doing there, also relating her feeling that women in this culture can “fall into a bucket of poop and come out of it smelling like a rose.”

It appears she is familiar with the pussy pass.

Jared White recently posted an excellent article on this site, “And then they fight us…”

Of course the partial quote is from Ghandi’s “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

And now, gents and ladies, they are fighting us. And we are winning.

Dingee-Kramer also shared with me that they had been getting a high volume of “hate mail” from fans of AVfM Radio.

People, that was not hate; that was your VOICE. And the world is starting to listen to it. I have absolutely no doubt – NONE - that you broadcasting your righteous outrage crushed the feminist lie and set us back on course.

BTR listened to you.

Oh, and so did Mary Kellett and the Ultimate Men’s Summit and the Bangor Daily News.

And you can bet your ass that no matter how silent they are around AVfM Radio, the feminist hate mongers are listening to you as well.

And it is eating them alive. Too bad for them it only gets worse from there.

Let me tell you what the net result was of a feminist lodging that false complaint against us. We got an apology and a high ranking staff member of BTR that is going to screen future complaints (and they will get them) a lot more carefully and thoughtfully.

We got Bob O’Hara, a respected and competent MRA to volunteer to be the first AVfM News Director. We got yet another technical expert who will be working henceforth with JtO on register-her.com.

We now have Nergal as our new volunteer coordinator to help us organize talent and resources that we can use to keep upping the ante.

We got some badly needed donations that will now allow us acquire VPS services for AVfM for at least the next year AND a damn good start on what I need to build or buy the serious hardware I need to take this to the next level.

All these things became a part of the chain of events because one feminist told a lie and the real MRA’s, all of you, decided they were not going to take it laying down.

Then they fight you, then you win.

Then. you. win.

So to Valenti, or whoever the feminist bonehead was who tried to take us down with one of your filthy lies, THANKS! Please listen to the newly invigorated AVfM Radio more in the future. Contact BTR with phony complaints as often as possible (and for you that is very, very often). We will be back on the air with a Jessica Valenti Special on August 2, 2o11.

Another dozen false allegations and AVfM will get a 50,000 watt radio station.

But seriously, to readers and listeners of AVfM, take a moment after reading this and consider you just dealt a significant blow to the hateful ideologues that want to continue their war on men and boys with your complicit silence.

Look back on the things that have happened just at this website in the past year, from the New York Times to launching our own radio program, to BENEFITTING from the attacks on us.

And then imagine where we will be and what we will be doing a year from now.

These people are not invincible. They are vulnerable, simple minded bigots, and we are going to take them all down.

Again, thanks Miss Miss Dingee-Kramer, and thank you all for what I would gather was a rather large amount of angry emails. You done good!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

--- AVfM Falls, Feminists Cream Pants

Well folks, personally I can't say I am all too shocked. After some 16 weeks, A Voice for Men Radio seems to have been killed. Speculations abound but, in all honesty, we in the MRM know all too well as to the whos and whys... Don't we.

In Paul Elam's own words;
I suppose it actually was inevitable.

I just received an email from an AVfM Radio listener informing me that the show has disappeared from the BlogTalk Radio website. Sure enough, an attempt on my part to log on just produced a message that my account there has been disabled.

And of course I found out in the predictable way. No notification, no warnings, no nothing. Just zap, you’re gone.

Typical of the times. Typical of corporate scumbags.

I wonder if they think this is going to shut us up?

Take heart, friends, we are temporarily down but hardly out.

I actually figured out after starting the broadcast out of BTR that there are much more cost effective options out there that do not put me at the mercy of pro feminist corporate forces.

We will be back on the air the MRA way. On our own.

It will take a little time. I need to press BTR for the refund and then sort through the equipment and learning curve for the new set up.

My genuine impression of all this?

Fuck ‘em. There will be much more powerful entities than BTR that will try to shut me down before this is over with. Fuck them, too.

Recently our friend Harry posted that there was a need for a certain amount of MRA’s that were willing to be somewhat vicious in order to push for changes. I could not agree more, and I will add one to that.

Some of us are willing to be more than that.

There are only two circumstances that can possibly result in my being silenced.

Justice or death.

Anyone thinks I am kidding is a fool.

Now, I have an article to finish that I started before this minor inconvenience happened.

Effing pathetic eh?

Don't worry folks, AVfM may be silent for a few, but not permanently! Paul and crew (all those involved in the show in some form or other - including folks who donated) will be back... Even Stronger!

Here is Uncle Bern showing his indignation on this.